Open Your Eyes.

The first step to solving a problem is noticing it.

The WG Analytics Tool contains the full suite of tools any city would need to track, identify, and solve day-to-day problems by collecting and storing data and displaying it all on a customizable and intuitive online portal.

Why do we need analytics?

Cities will use analytics to collect & analyze data about the roads, infrastructure, and increase overall safety. Cities will also collect data from special devices placed on city infrastructure to increase efficiency and gain access to data not previously available.

For example, a sensor could be placed inside a garbage disposal to know whether it is full or not (to optimize sanitation schedules), or a CO2/smoke detector could be placed in a manhole for early detection of gas leaks / fires (to prevent underground explosions). The possibilities are endless with customizable daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly reports provided by the WiseGuard Analytics Tool.

How is this secure?

The WiseGuard Analytics Tool is not accessible via the public internet. Instead, WiseGuard operates on a private local network and transmits the data via LoRa technology from our ICS and/or SCS devices.

What is it?

The Analytics Tool is an intuitive, easy-to-use, web-based interface that breaks down crucial data in a visual way for cities to optimize their reports, operation, maintenance, and safety effectively.

Local governments & ITS companies would be able to access a highly encrypted, Blockchain protected, secure link to a private web-based tool that is as easy to use as any other website.


The WiseGuard Analytics Tool is designed to be paired with the WiseGuard ICS (Intelligent Crossing Signal) or SCS (Smart Crosswalk Sign), which collects the data from surrounding IO devices.


As cars, cyclists, or pedestrians pass through an intersection, the Analytics Tool could tally each one separately on a visual graph.

More data means lower overhead for city maintenance. Cities could preserve labor and monetary resources for other more important matters. For example, sanitation could require less workers or skip a route if sensors don’t detect that disposal is necessary.


The Analytics Tool could also recognize when traffic penalties are being made in a specific area of a road, and make suggestions for improvement. Road engineers could spend less time finding problems and more time solving them.

If there’s an increase in the number of children crossing a crosswalk (I.e. near a school zone), the Analytics Tool could notify city safety officials so they could add safety measures or make road changes.


Cities could install any type of sensor they desire at any point of interest in the vicinity of an ICS or SCS installation to transmit data and view it in their portal in a customizable way.

The ICS will notify ADAS equipped vehicles of the presence of non-ADAS-equipped vehicles at a red light.

How it works


The full suite of tools from the ICS & SCS could be leveraged to collect critical data points in public infrastructure. Data is collected for local governments and licensed ITS companies.


The collected data is sent via a private network, as part of a closed system. Communication is powered by LoRaWAN technology, which uses short-range wireless antennas.


The data collected is then aggregated and organized visually by our Analytics Tool for municipalities & ITS companies to view.


Once problems and inefficiencies are exposed, cities could address issues proactively, not reactively, once they’ve caused problems.



Data concerning the safety and operation data of a city must be kept private up to the highest standards. That’s why we utilize Blockchain technology to create a fast, secure, and private link to the data they need.


Too much information can be confusing, that’s why we organize large amounts of data into daily, weekly, or monthly visual reports that make it easy to understand.


Live data can be streamed on a visual map, graph, or chart to stay up to date with real-time data or possible threats in your city.


Every municipality can customize the data they receive with complete flexibility. Our Analytics Tool has everything needed to collect the data you consider critical for a city’s safety & operation.

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