Smart Advertising Services

Our services combine an analytical detection system with a smart advertisement broadcasting system to a targeted broadcast to the viewer based on biometric behavioral identification and parameters approved under the International Cyber Convention.

The service also provides a personal area for uploading content and control for each screen as advertisements or price promotions and prioritizing identification events for the viewer.

Smart ADS

  • Install the SP MEDIA product series according to the locations in the store.
  • The DUAL screen is intended for aisles in the various departments for installation by suspension. The screen shows an image on both sides.
  • The ONE screen is mounted against a wall or furniture and is intended for passages or enclosures with human traffic.
  • The WIFI screen is intended for the entrance to the store or at points where a stand-alone screen or a hand sanitizer is required.
  • The ANALYTIC BOX product allows the customer to connect to any existing screen in the store and integrates a high-quality camera built into the
  • WGIntelligence system to provide a current analytical report for the subscriber.

SMART ADS provides the subscriber with complete control of each screen individually for uploading advertising content and price promotions to each screen in the department where the screen was installed and also includes a future schedule.
In addition to the WG-Studio service, the system is complemented by the WG-Intelligence system, which identifies the buyers according to age and gender and instantly broadcasts an advertisement that is precisely tailored to the viewer to increase the buyer’s expected conversion rate.
As part of the subscription, an analytical report is sent to the customer every month, based on accurate data, for all data collected from our analytical identification system from each screen separately to the subscriber, according to the Cyber Convention permissions and according to the analytical identification events only.
Any additional information or statistics required by the customer can be customized but does not allow broadcast events, except for the identification parameters specified above under the International Cyber Convention.