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The smart crosswalk sign box system has been specially adapted to the product in a smart way and contains all systems, our smart computer system can handle the temperature and cool or heat the computer which is located in the protection box.

The protection box looks like a usual security camera which is no different from the urban landscape today.

The entire system is waterproof, anti-vandalism and designed to stand outside.

The system was built with an extension unit that gives the ability to connect to an existing crosswalk sign. 

near the crossing, and does not require the construction of special infrastructure.

Installing the system on any existing sign is simple, efficient and ends within 10-15 minutes.

The system can be connected to any existing LED sign of the customer.

The existing sign kit includes 3-4 led stripes, 50 cm each and intensity of 1300 lumens are given to linkage with dedicated aluminum channels on all existing pedestrian crossings and thus transform any crosswalk sign to smart crosswalk sign within 15 minutes of installation and the.

The smart road sign developed in a way that can receive a power source thru 12v solar system and 220v/110v power source.

The smart road sign working voltage is 5v and the working current is 500mAh

The smart crosswalk sign is controlled by a biometric identification system which belongs to the bionic identification category which brings us more than 97% accuracy level.

We have developed an identification system with an emphasis on a very high level of reliability, in order to get the driver’s trust in the sign.

The smart crosswalk sign is equipped with a day & night  camera which captures the Pedestrian crossing statically.

Our biometric identification system is subject to the International Cyber ​​Convention in this system activity and does not collect or record data other than the operation of the camera for smart sign markings.

The system works completely independently.

WiseGuard corporation is now in the middle of development for more technologies which will provide communication capabilities with the vehicle itself through mobileye and similar systems which autonomously stop the vehicle by sending a signal from the crosswalk sign that identifies the pedestrian.