Don’t Wait For Nothing.

Red lights, if not for safety, are time-wasters.

Our ICS can directly hook up to conventional walking signs and red light systems to transform any intersection into a smart one. This will autonomously direct traffic in a way that greatly improves commute times, energy savings, and reduces traffic violations all while increasing safety.

What's the ICS?

The Intelligent Crossing Signal (ICS) is similar to the Smart Crosswalk Sign (SCS), with the added functionality to switch the traffic signals. The ICS can analyze traffic / pedestrian activity and then switch the traffic light and walking sign appropriately.

If you’re not familiar with the WiseGuard SCS, please start there.

Why the ICS?

Time is money. A tremendous amount of productivity is lost waiting at intersections unnecessarily. By using our ICS system, traffic can flow 50% faster, improving commute times and productivity for everyone. An added benefit to this complete system is fewer greenhouse gases, fewer accidents, less road rage, and fewer injuries on the road as a whole.



By saving time on commutes thanks to our Traffic Light Control system, and avoiding accidents altogether that can block traffic, we can increase the productivity and efficiency of everyone’s daily lives.


Increased productivity leads to increased revenues, better availability, and higher quality of life for everyone. Every WiseGuard ICS or SCS device can also generate revenue for the city thanks to Blockchain technology, which can help lower costs.


Safety will be more certain for drivers everywhere because cities will be more in tune with the dangers of their roads and be better prepared to take the steps to correct them.


Computers can make millions of decisions a second, far faster than us humans. Everyone will live with better peace in mind knowing that WiseGuard ICS & SCS devices are preventing accidents before they happen.



The ICS can easily transform any conventional traffic light into an intelligent one that can identify pedestrians and cars to change the traffic light and walking signal appropriately.

When a pedestrian approaches a crosswalk, the ICS will evaluate the situation and activate the walking signal & red light as soon as it’s safe to do so.


The ICS will intelligently monitor cars at an intersection and direct them by changing the traffic signals in a safe and efficient way. Taking into account pedestrians, cyclists, and any incoming threats.

Built-in safety systems consider times where cars, bikes, or pedestrians violate traffic signals. For example, if a car passes a red light, the light will change and nearby vehicle safety systems will receive an alert in an attempt to prevent an accident.


A built-in fail-safe system ensures that when the light is green for cars, the walking sign will be red for pedestrians.

The ICS will notify ADAS equipped vehicles of the presence of non-ADAS-equipped vehicles at a red light.

How it works


The smart bionic system built in to the ICS harnesses the power of our proprietary tracking technology. Our solution combines multiple cutting-edge algorithms to see objects and identify traffic patterns to predict future outcomes.


Our built-in biometric system combines years of collecting data, fine-tuning algorithms, and rigorous testing to deliver an accurate identification system that helps the ICS recognize vehicles, cyclists, and people.


The motion detection system included in the ICS was built from the ground up to excel in precisely detecting motion, speed, and trajectory to map it virtually for our intelligent bionic system to analyze.


Once the conditions are safe and a car or pedestrian is in need of crossing, the ICS will automatically communicate with the traffic lights to direct traffic appropriately. The time saved can increase the productivity and monetary output of a city, providing value for anyone who commutes at any time.


In extreme cases, the ICS uses C-V2X and ADAS technology to transmit wireless alerts and notices to vehicles built in safety system and prevent major accidents. Our ICS can also interconnect with other ICS installations to build a more complete picture of traffic conditions.


In the case of an inevitable collision, our ICS can control traffic signals, display visual alerts, send notifications to the dashboard of your car, or force you to brake using ADAS technology. The visual alerts are made using a customizable LED setup, which can warn vehicles, as well as notify pedestrians to stop or go.


By digitizing our roads and predicting traffic accidents moments before they happen, the ICS can save countless lives every year and make modern cities feel safer for everyone.

As car manufacturers continue to roll out ADAS technology across their vehicle lineups, we will be able to achieve our vision zero even before the autonomous world.



Security and privacy are major concerns for a device with these capabilities. That’s why we’ve employed the most effective measures in preventing cyberattacks or privacy concerns. Our device uses blockchain technology to create a secure private network, and complies with all privacy regulations.


A qualified technician, power, and 15 – 30 minutes is all it takes to start enjoying the efficiency and safety benefits of our ICS. Our plug & play system can hook up to existing power sources or utilize solar power, all without interfering with existing infrastructure.


CPUs like to stay cool, but not too cool. The ICS features a built-in temperature control system that can cool and heat the computer, allowing it to operate efficiently even under the harshest summer heat or coldest winter months.


The ICS can be used to collect data from itself, the road, and short-range IOT devices that exist in public infrastructure. For example, the ICS can collect data from an IOT sensor placed in a garbage can to know whether it is full or not. Our analytics tool can aggregate this information in a customizable way for municipalities to view.


Innovation is our standard. We work side-by-side with our clients to help solve their unique problems and address specific needs using our technology. From initial setup to continued operation, the ICS was created with flexibility in mind.


Every WiseGuard customer receives our standard support package, which includes software updates and upgrades with a single click, a 12-month Hardware Warranty with Full Coverage, and a 10-year Software Warranty with Onsite Technical Support.

Let’s Improve Cities.

Transport Your City To The Future.

Technology enables us to gain insights and use them to make the world a better place. Our work over the last 2 years brings the next decade of technology to your city today.

Live Analytics for Municipalities
Don’t Get Lost In The Noise.

Cities can create their own set of conditions to collect analytical data for us to rapidly integrate into the ICS. This data can be used to improve road safety, efficiency, and as a way to expose concerns that would otherwise have gone unnoticed.

All the data processed by our analytical systems is only available to city officials via our Analytics Portal. The data is sent via our proprietary network outlined below.

Secure. Blockchain. Network.
All The Perks Of Being Connected Plus More.

The ICS could be paired with a low-power, long-range antenna using the LoRaWAN wireless protocol with the Blockchain to create a powerful private network that allows for intercommunication and the secure transmission of analytical data to the local government.

By using the Blockchain, the ICS can generate revenues for cities just by supplying power to these antennas.

One Device.

We’ve integrated all of these features onto a single device that can be installed in less than 15 minutes, dramatically increase road safety, flow efficiency, and energy savings for everyone.

Millions Of Possibilities.

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