Smart Biometric
Recognition system

A smart identification system that knows how to segment and target passers-by or buyers throughout the complex, according to gender and age group only, and immediately pops up an advertisement that matches the biometric identification result.
Proper customer targeting for the right product increases the customer value dozens and even hundreds of percentage points as customers in the store.

The Cyber Convention

Our biometric identification system uses identification operations approved by the International Cyber Convention.
Identification by four age groups (without exact age), child, youth, adult and aged, and gender – male/female.
The system does not record images or video at all and does not use any additional parameter or synchronization with any biometric database to create advertisement broadcast events based on biometric identification other than those specified above.

Collection of data from our analytic identification system and smart advertising broadcasting system, subject to the International Cyber Convention.

The system will automatically issue a monthly report to the customer on the number of seconds broadcast as advertising to the viewer, which advertisements were broadcast at the biometric identification events, how many seconds per gender or age group, and how many visitors were at the store’s business hours from devices installed throughout the shopping complex.
By doing so, the business owner will be able to know who the visitors are and at what times they are present, thus optimizing the sales capabilities in the store or the complex, presenting the right products to the right target audience, and increasing the customer’s profitability potential while in the store.