Affiliate program

Our SMART ADS service allows you to sign up for the affiliate program of your choice for free.
The affiliate program will bring you an excellent opportunity to make immediate profits from the screens installed in your complex with the help of our trading room system.

Transaction Room

A professional affiliate team collects products and transactions from the chain stores or alternatively provides requirements or searches for products based on accurate reports from the analytics department to target audiences in the store, according to fixed hours or days.
Setting a price or perk for buyers through the screen. The product can be picked up at the complex itself in the selling store, or as inventory that exists in the store itself, thus adding an additional revenue channel which will usually not detract from the stores themselves, but rather provide added value to a product a visitor to the store did not plan on buying.

Creative Team

Skilled creative personnel who use statistics from the subscriber of the specific screen or group of screens and upload very accurate and targeted content to the audience in the area or a specific complex, and according to this data, the affiliate personnel perform ongoing customization that maximizes conversion to purchase by leading the viewer to instant purchase from the screen using a QR CODE.
By doing so, we will get tremendous added value from a customer who is already in the store for unplanned purchases on their part.