About Us

We are an American company that operates under the strictest global regulations for our services and products, including the International Cyber ​​Convention.

The initiative was initiated by Mr. Emil Ghatan – entrepreneur and philanthropist and also part of the owners of Macaby Group inc – a transnational company with its corporate headquarters located in the USA, is a well-respected organization specializing in Global Logistics, Global Warehousing and “Discreet Preservation Services” (DPS) for the Brand Name and High Value Markets around the world.

The services and products we have developed are at the forefront of this technology in the world.

To optimize and maximize these capabilities, we perform full customization for each customer and project to achieve the maximum both in statistics for any type of business and as an immediate sales booster for visitors present in the shopping complex by advertising, or by selling directly from the screen, or by registering for a loyalty club and the like.

We will be happy to understand your business needs more precisely and make our offer according to your requirements and build a profitable business model with appropriate and productive cooperation.

Both from the smart transmission system with the accompanying products as well as from our biometric identification system


Our measuring devices can be placed at entry points, and can be integrated with door controls so that entry is only permitted when a normal temperature / mask is detected. Incoming people are instructed on how to position themselves so that the correct readings can be made and results are displayed on a local screen. Warnings of elevated temperatures are given in a clear human-voice (currently in English only). Advanced models can also be integrated with company’s human resource systems for automatic registration of employee time records.

Our Quality

Wiseguard is devoted to working with complete professionalism to meet our customers’ needs, with full-time support, continuous product improvement and innovation. We offer software updates and upgrades with a single click, full hardware manufacturer warranty for 12 months and a 10-year software warranty with onsite technical support.

The purpose and essence of WISEGUARD is in the development and construction and customization of customer needs of smart analytical systems integrated with high quality cameras according to the demand and needs of the business.
The purpose of the analytics systems is to streamline the business in completely different areas and directly save manpower expenses. It also leads to increased productivity and efficiency to professional results that an eye or human ability is incapable of.
Advanced analytical systems for businesses:
Identifying a vehicle number and granting permission to open an automatic parking door. Same as for defined service vehicles, etc.
Automatic detection of defined situations and automatic tracking of cameras by a person or object in motion, including switching from camera to automatic camera.
Automatic biometric face recognition systems for opening a door or registering employees as an attendance clock.
Virtual fences set up in the system and immediate cellular alert in case the fence is crossed and automatic surveillance of the cameras by the intruder.
Running systems of any kind according to an automatic command at a defined occurrence.
Smart cash register tracking systems in the business and marking every transaction that went in and out of the cash register.
Smart delivery tracking systems for documenting the exit and entry of products for customers and the assimilation of the video in the customer’s portfolio.

Accurate automated audience entry counting systems including exit.
Automatic heat measurement systems of up to 5 people per second.
Builds a system of alerts and sessions customized to the needs of the business and for any purpose.

Advanced Analytical Home Security Systems:
Sets up face recognition of staff and occupants of the house to open the door. Sends a message or alert in case of an unrecognized visitor or personality.
Option for a quiet system for immediate detection and alert of any defined change or suspicion.
Sets up a virtual fence for the pool and activating an alarm if it is crossed or when there is a diagnosis of distress in the water during the pool activity as well.
Sets up a garbage room or service yard door opening for dedicated staff members or vehicles.
Alert for opening a window or door according to cameras.
Displacement alerts and sends a snapshot or person by definition.
Construction and adaptation of smart systems to the customer’s needs for any purpose.
For more details, please reach out and we will get back to you shortly.

Amazing Ideas

Wiseguard is dedicated to reliably and efficiently meeting the vital requirement for entry-point monitoring brought about by real market demand. From a technology perspective, Wiseguard has assembled a team of experienced hardware and software engineers and manufacturing specialists, applying their wide range of skills to design and produce the most efficient, reliable and affordable solution on the market today.

For large orders, the software can be tailored to meet the customer’s own ‘look-and-feel’ and devices can also be visually matched to the customer’s own schemes.