About Us

Learn more about the WiseGuard Corporation.

Who we are

WiseGuard is an American technology company based in Oklahoma City. Our “0 Dead” mission focuses on eliminating road deaths by combining cutting-edge neural networks and biometric systems with visual and wireless alerts for drivers and pedestrians. Our company is devoted to working professionally to meet your needs. We do this by providing full-customizability, full-time support, continuous product improvement, and constant innovation. We operate under the strictest regulations and take your privacy very seriously, complying with all relevant privacy laws.


Mr. Emil Ghatan (part-owner of Macaby Group Inc.) founded WiseGuard as a passionate entrepreneur and active philanthropist. Macaby Group Inc. is a transnational company with its corporate headquarters located in the USA. Mr. Ghatan has devoted his life to helping others, and WiseGuard’s focus is no different. Read more about our vision.

The technology developed at WiseGuard© over the last 2 years is at the global forefront, and is primed for wide adoption.

Our Quality

We are devoted to the quality of our service as much as we’re devoted to the quality of our products. WiseGuard works full-time & side-by-side to satisfy our customers’ specific needs. We value privacy, innovation, and user feedback — these values help us continually improve our products and services for years to come.

Every WiseGuard customer receives our standard support package, which includes software updates and upgrades with a single click, a 12-month Hardware Warranty with Full Coverage, and a 10-year Software Warranty with Onsite Technical Support.

Rapid Development

At the heart and core of WiseGuard is our ability to rapidly develop and adapt our smart analytical systems according to the demand and needs of your city, business, or unique use case.

Using our technology to collect analytical data for your city or business can open your eyes to data that was once lost in the day-to-day motions. This analytical data can be used to streamline your city or business and save money by reducing the necessary manpower. Having this data leads to increased productivity, efficiency, and accuracy that a human is incapable of.